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Dire Straits — Privat Investigations — Аккорды, Текст

Dire Straits — Privat Investigations

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Разбор песни НА ГИТАРЕ в Родной тональности Ми минор (Em)
________________ВСЕ ПЕСНИ ♦ DIRE STRAITS ♦perebor_2 Em-1 Hm+D_2 A-1 G-1,5 F-1 H7-1,5 Em+G Gdim Am-1 D-1
| Em | Hm/D | Hm/D | A |
| G | F | H7 | Em/G |
| Gdim | Am | H7 | Em |

Em                                 Hm/D
It’s a mystery to me — the game commences
Hm/D                       A
For the usual fee — plus expenses
G                                              F
Confidential information — it’s in a diary
H7                                         Em
This is my investigation — it’s not a public inquiry

| Gdim | Am | H7 | Em |

2 куплет
I go checking out the reports — digging up the dirt
You get to meet all sorts in this line of work
Treachery and treason — there’s always an excuse for it
And when I find the reason I still can’t get used to it

3 куплет
G                                         D
And what have you got at the end of the day?
Am                             Em
What have you got to take away?
G                                D
A bottle of whisky and a new set of lies
F                                       E
Blinds on the window and a pain behind the eyes.

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