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Sade — Like Tatoo — Аккорды, Текст

Sade — Like Tatoo

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Разбор песни НА ГИТАРЕ в Родной тональности До минор (Cm)

___________________ ВСЕ ПЕСНИ ♦ SADE ♦mucuraev_2Cm9 Fm6_3 D#maj7_2 Fm7_3 F#maj7_2 Bmaj
| Cm9 | Fm6 | Cm9 | Fm6 |
| Cm9 | Fm6 | D#maj7 | Fm7 |

Cm9                                    Fm6
He told me sweet lies of sweet loves
Cm9                                              Fm6
Heavy with the burden of the truth
And he spoke of his dreams
Broken by the burden
D#maj7            Fm7
Broken by the burden of his youth

| Cm9 | Fm6 | Cm9 | Fm6 |

2 куплет
_             _Cm9
Fourteen years he said
_             _Fm6
I couldn’t look into the sun
Cm9                                      Fm6
She saw him laying at the end of my gun
_               _F#maj7
Hungry for life
_    _Bmaj7                          F#maj7    Fm7
And thirsty for the distant river
_                        _F#maj7
I remember his hands

_                          _Bmaj7
And the way the mountains looked
_  _F#maj7                                       Bmaj7
The light shot diamonds from his eyes
_              _F#maj7
Hungry for life
_                              _Bsus2   F#maj7   Bsus2
And thirsty for the distant river

Like the scar of age
Written all over my face
The war is still raging inside of me
I still feel the chill
As I reveal my shame to you
I wear it like a tattoo
I wear it like a tattoo
I wear it like a tattoo