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Night angel — Из сериала Сваты (cover) — Аккорды, Текст

Песня Жени — Night angel -из сериала «Сваты»

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Разбор песни НА ГИТАРЕ в Родной тональности Ре минор (Dm)

________________ВСЕ ПЕСНИ ♦ ИЗ КИНО ♦perebor_2Dm-1 
Dsus2 Am-1 Gm-1 
B-1 F-1 C 
| Dm Dsus2 |Dm Dsus2 |

Standing along on the mountain high
Watching the sky…
_Gm                             Dm
Can this falling rain settle and ease my pain?
__Am                   B                  C  Dm
Where are you, my love, my Ariel?

I still remember your amber eyes,
Enchanting smile…
May be that was a dream, so why do I cry and scream?
I miss you, my love, my Ariel.

F                                               C
I keep searching days and nights
C                                         Gm
Hope one day I’ll se the light
Gm                                  Dm                 C
You and me will be together again.
F                                                C
Autumn winds blow to my face
C                                                   Gm
Thunder roars, where’s that place
Gm                                                       Dm
That saves my soul and cures my pain?

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My life has passed, all my search in vain…
Elusive dreams.
I make the final bow, now is my turn to go
I’m coming to you, my Ariel.

I kept searching days and nights
Hoped one day I’d see the light
You and me would be together again.
Lightning strikes, I hear no sound
After all these years I’ve found
That sacred place that cures my pain…